This application is available for BETA testing only

This application is a trade secret, considered confidential and proprietary, and can only be used for purposes of Beta testing.

Test start url:

FatAnnie Beta Test

What is FatAnnie?

FatAnnie is a group-oriented messaging application with a new twist

What makes it different?  (Things I want your opinion on)

  1. Easy to use. Consistent look-and-feel, yet has many options for more functionality
  2. Focuses on groups, especially generational families
  3. Rewards members for using the system, no purchases required
  4. Allows members to ‘swap’ rewards for system privileges and item discounts
  5. Limited, considerate, intelligent advertising – zero ad littering
  6. Permits application owner to participate actively
  7. Strong privacy controls
  8. Intent is to promote goodness
  9. Innovative use of affiliate marketing
  10. I have a dog. Her name is Annie. She’s fat. Hence, FatAnnie, the name will change


Groups people are close to

Target seniors, their families, friends, and support network (but not limited to)

Partner with an organization already having a large membership

Testing Approach

It is a cloud-based system, only requires a browser.  Tested on Chrome and IE and IOS (including IPhone), but not on Android, yet.

You are a member of the Brown family.  Pick one.  Usernames and Passwords are:

UserName           Password

Bob                       hawkeye01

Sara                      hawkeye02

Tom                      hawkeye03

Jean                      hawkeye04        

Please view the app as if you are a senior wanting to stay in touch with family.

After sign-on you will be taken to the My InBox display, this is a combination of an inbox and your favorites. Please take a minute to read the Tutorial (3rd item on MainMenu).  It will give you a quick overview of the system.

Each display has its own Help page, this should explain things adequately, if not let me know.

Some testing suggestions (but do whatever you wish)

  1. Check out the Brown family page, shown on your My InBox display
  2. Add 1 or more posts, with attachments if desired
  3. Comment on a message (should show beneath the message selected)
  4. Observe rewarding messages at top of page
  5. Display an ad (will have a gold balloon on left side of My Inbox display)
  6. Check out Catalog, search on letter ‘e’ to ensure a hit, only a few items out there.
  7. Swap Favers, the reward unit, for an item (system stops at this point)
  8. There is no member search function, by intent
  9. Break the system, I know I haven’t tested every possibility
  10. Check out privacy restrictions on your Profile page
  11. Take a look-see at the Question/Answer section in the Profile.
  12. Check out For Everyone, this is where the app owner can communicate with members
  13. Join a Group and check out its Home Page.
  14. Translate message to Spanish (must update Profile for this)

Note 1: the system has rigorous fraud avoidance controls on awarding Favers; however, for the beta test I have relaxed the controls so you can better experience the rewarding process.

Note 2: You can send a text. Sign-on as Bob, send a message to Tex Textme (in Bob’s contacts, it’s me).  I will return a text to you, which will show on the Page you created when messaging Tex.

Note 3: The system has custom, in-built row-level security.  It is possible you could get a security violation. That’s OK!  

Note 4. You can post a quick note to me anytime, via CONTACT US on the MainMenu.

Note 5: You can get back to this Beta page any time by clicking/tapping Beta on the MainMenu.


When finished, please complete the brief 6 question survey I have prepared.  Once signed on, you can access it from the MainMenu under BETA SURVEY.


Begin test : remember your username and password! You’re a Brown now!


Thanks, Jim