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"a nice messaging app for nice people"

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Q1: Is having followers important to you?

Our members don't care about followers or likes or influencers. As our name says, TwixUs is about Us, not me.

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Q2: Do you have special people in your life?

Family, friends, clubs: Twixus is designed to make connecting with groups a snap. Our Settings allow even the biggest techno-phobe to participate. If groups are important to you, so is group calendaring. We've got it. And it's easy to use.

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Q3: Do you really dislike ads?

So do we! No ads will ever disrupt your enjoyment! We do have ads. We gotta' make a buck. But viewing them is always optional. And guess what? If you display an ad, you get rewarded. How 'bout dem apples?'

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Q4: Do you like freebies?

Our members earn rewards for just using the system -- no purchases required! You can swap your rewards for chances in our contests. Down the road, you will be able to swap your rewards for promotional discounts only found in TwixUs!

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Q5: Is your privacy important?

Our pledge to you: We will never sell your data to 3rd parties, never! No spam, never. Only your contacts can message you. No strangers sending you or yours unwanted messages.


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* Nothing to download. Got a browser? You're in!

* Same look and feel: PC, tablet, or smartphone

* Your data is protected and never sold

* Easy to use version so even great grampa can use it

* Only your contacts can message you – no unwanted spam

* No obnoxious ads

* Quick family/group set-up

* Shared Calendaring

* Uplifting messages pages for all

* Earn rewards for just using the system

* Swap rewards for contest chances, and more

* English to Spanish and back

* Skype-me-now option

Touch someone with your words today.

“Touch has a memory.” ― John Keats


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